Relationship with Alcohol

Have you been thinking about your drinking way too much?

This is why I am here for you. 

Are you worried about your drinking and not sure where to turn to get confidential support?

You will learn ways to become self-empower in your relationship with alcohol whatever that looks like to you.

Have you been googling "Have I got a drink problem?", "How do you know if I am an alcoholic?". Are you sick and tired of how alcohol is ruining your energy, happiness and plans? Why can others just have one but you are the one that keeps going? Do you have that conversation in your head, especially at 3 am; "Today is the day I'm going to sort it out"? Have you thought "I’ve got this drinking in moderation sussed", then you find you were back where you started? Have you tried to use your willpower, but found yourself back to square one?

You are not alone. Let me guide you with my unique blend of resources, qualification and personal experience.

You don’t know what you don’t know so let me teach how to get the outcome you want. I love the Albert Einstein quote — The definiton of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different outcome. 

You will understand why you do what you do and more importantly, how to take steps to create the relationship you want with alcohol, feeling motivated and gaining so much more in your life. You will learn new skills, develop a sober toolkit and have support from someone who has personal experience. You will get accountability to enable you gain control in an empowered lifestyle choice. 

I see you stockpiling the wine

Are you spending way too much time thinking about your drinking, is it draining you mentally and physically? Telling yourself today is te day fro a break however you end up stuck on repeat. 

I see you not wanting to go to the same shop to buy your wine in case they think you have a problem

I see you panicking about running out of wine

I feel your shame and guilt radiate out of you knocking your confidence

I know you are awake at 3 am, giving yourself a hard time about the previous evening. Vowing today is going to different than repeating the cycle

I get how you think you have earnt it, and this is your time! Mummies medicine the one thing you do for you that keeps you sane. I really do!

Let’s imagine for a minute

✅You actually find out about other ways with Zero calories that recharge you WITHOUT a hangover

✅You learn new ways to deal with stress in a healthy way that results in you being present with your family

✅You are some unbelievable productive and motivated you are bossing at life effortlessly

✅Your confidence blooms and you radiate happiness internally and externally so much, so people say you glow? Your skin looks fabulous. You have released some weight. Your eyes are sparkling with a zest for life again

✅You actively invest in yourself with the care and attention you deserve because you are worth it

✅Be vibrant, full of life and energetic remembering all the genuine fun times

What difference would that make in your life?

🔑This is the difference that taking Alcohol out of your life can make, interested?

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I will never forget that day I rang you from my car, suffering from yet another hangover, in tears and desperate. I have never considered myself an alcoholic, but I can honestly say that alcohol played a big part in my daily life.

Normally at about 5:30pm or earlier at weekends, I would open a bottle of wine to “get out of my head”. I felt I needed to escape my thoughts, worries and feelings of inadequacy. I didn’t feel like I was numbing any adverse childhood experiences or trauma in my life, I just wanted to be in my own little world. I considered myself to be a strong, rational, professional woman, yet I still felt I needed wine to help me “relax” and not analyse everything.

It wasn’t until I came to you for help and we engaged in a weekly program that I slowly, slowly realised why I felt I needed to drink wine and “get out of my head” not drunk “just relaxed” (I was getting drunk!!)

As you skillfully helped me learn more about myself and my relationships that I would never really thought about. I would have describe my life as really good generally.

It was the guilt and shame and feeling exhausted most of the time that fuelled my drinking.

I never really thought that it was the root cause of so much negativity. You help me and unpick when the cycle started. It seemed that whatever I said didn’t shock you and you never judge me, you gave me time, you helped me see things from a different perspective. You instilled confidence in me to be my own best friend. I feel so liberated I have finally mastered the wine I feel I am no longer controlled by it. I do not feel I have the need to “get out of my head” anymore. I am thinking clearer, I am sleeping better, I have more money at the end of the month. I didn’t realise that what I needed to stay calm and “relaxed” was to be “in my head” with that ability to work things out instead of feeling overwhelmed and drinking. Polly, you have opened up a whole new world for me and I’ll be forever grateful. You are amazing at what you do and I hope all your days are as beautiful and bright as the ones you inspire in others. Thank you so much.



Start living today

Sending me a message right now this will get you started on the path to living a life that you love. Together, we can work out a plan to get you on your way to enjoying this journey.

Please contact me or schedule a call.

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