One to One Coaching

One to One coaching sessions

I offer these sessions face to face in my purpose-built serene cabin on my rural farm, with plenty of green space to access, or on the phone or online to people all over the world. I help you identify any issues that are holding you back, so you can move forward in the direction you want your life to go in. We get to the nitty-gritty of what is really going on in your life, more importantly we work out what is blocking you and what you can do about it. I enable you to understand what is going on and arm you up with skills you can use to empower the rest of your life.

I usually recommend 4-6 sessions with me for you to be able to implement and maintain the actions you want.

Please contact me to find out more on my bespoke packages, to match your needs

Grab a cuppa and lets have a chat.
Book a call; let's untangle that spaghetti-mind, stuck on repeat, so we can make some sense of it and you can move forward.

We work together and identify what is stopping you achieve the life you want. I enable others to evolve into the best version of themselves, to find true fulfilment with lasting joy and a better relationship with themselves, so they wholeheartedly feel they are enough. This what everyone deserves, regardless of their past or life experience.

Do you often ask yourself why do I do THAT? Well, my unique coaching will enable you to learn ways to understand why you do what you do, and more importantly how to change it to something you do want to be doing.

Empowered coaching to enable you to have a healthy relationship with Alcohol is a speciality of mine.  

Thank you so much for your help so far. I was feeling pretty desperate about my drinking, however you have helped me to turn that situation around.

S. H.


What people say about my coaching?

Your coaching has really helped me gain a new clarity on my current situation. Thank you! - Isabel

By talking to Polly and looking with her help inside, that fear shrunk down from a mountain to a mole hill. - Jeni Hawke

I was introduced to Polly through a mutual friend when I was in a very dark place. I had contemplated suicide a number of times going through a divorce with two young children. Polly gave me tools to help me break everything down into manageable chunks and put life into perspective. Since working with Polly I haven’t had a suicidal thought, I am believing that I and capable of doing very challenging things. Polly was never patronising always compassionate and understanding of the way my thoughts were controlling my behaviour. I can’t thank her enough for saving me from myself. She is beautiful inside and out. C.H. 

Polly has a way of getting to the nitty gritty really fast. She breaks things down into simple manageable steps that when acted on, create big lasting change. I can’t recommend Polly Jukes' coaching services enough. - Gary Allen

Polly is an amazing professional coach who has supported me in my journey to improve my life and continues to do so. Thank you! - Georgia Masters

I had a vision, I wasn't completely clear on where it would take me but I knew I had a passion to fulfil regarding women's health and the menopause. A telephone conversation with Polly helped me take a small step that has started me on a journey I could only have imagined. If you are uncertain about taking that first step to change, whether you are thinking of a new business start up or setting up a side hustle then give Polly a shout, she will truly help you. Many of us are members of her amazing group here on FB, Empowering Tribe, so check that out too.  - Michelle Gascoine

Polly is a great coach. I had realised I'd gotten into some negative thinking patterns but she gave me some excellent techniques to use that worked surprisingly fast. Straight to the root of the problem, and with such a lovely approach. I highly recommend her! - Claire Wilson

Being fully listened to has helped me explore what I need to do especially with your questions, I have taken action that is right for me, thank you! - I. R.

Polly helped me realise that the one thing I was chasing was the one thing that was making me unhappy . She also introduced me to the 6 things everyone needs. I now use this as a litmus test as to whether I need to change direction. - Craig Tonkin

Having our sessions have helped me so much giving me the accountability, new skills, understanding and support. Thank you so much! - S. B.

I couldn’t explain what was going on with me if you asked me, I couldn’t find the words. I’ve been working with Polly, today we explored the tightness in my chest when I get anxious. When it is at its worse, I feel like I can’t breathe, I get panicked. Today with the work Polly does, I felt like I could breath properly for the first time for ages. I felt calm, something I struggle with and I learnt new skills to take away with me to keep the calm feeling. - Sam


What her Coaches and Mentors have said:

Polly is an amazing coach. Beautiful inside and out she is a true life changer. Time spent with Polly will result in substantial and positive change. Highly recommended! - Maria Hocking

Polly coaches at a high level and is an insightful coach. She leads her sessions well and gives her client space and silence to process, so that the client takes the actions best suited to themselves.
- Curly Martin Leading Authority on Life Coach Training, International Bestselling Author, Director, Coach. Achievement Specialists Ltd - Nurturing Coaches to be Outstanding

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