Life Coaching

If your car isn’t running correctly — you go to a garage.

If your heating system isn’t working effectively — you get someone in to fix it.

If your life is not going the way you want it to then a life coach can enable you see things in a different way, provide resources and keep you accountable until your actions become your new normal and you’re stepping into your best version finding true fulfilment and happiness.

How does coaching work?

You have your own cheerleader with your every step of the way. Someone with no other agenda that what it is that you actually want; maybe you don't know? Well this is a great place to start! Let's chat.

I am not in this job to change people - I believe you are awesome, I facilitate you finding and maintaining your best version so you can love life again.


“The defininition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different results" - Albert Einstein

This is one of my favourite quotes. Do something different and get a different result, this is where I come into your life.

As you do not know what you do not know, I share some new skills and healthy coping mechanisms with for you to implement. My passion is to enable you using my bespoke coaching to enable you to create the life you want and let go of thoughts and behaviours that are stopping you, so that you can be truly fulfilled in life.  I know there is so much more in you to be explored so you can embrace being YOU in all your glory and uniqueness. 

Coaching is a blend of several disciplines including neuroscience, positive psychology, behaviour change theory and mind/body coaching. It is a journey of self-discovery and transformation into your best self. You will learn more about yourself and how to work with your brain and body to create the best version of you.

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