Frequently Asked Questions

What is NLP and how can it help me?

To put simply Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP provides a model of how human’s beings function and how to use that model both for remedial and resourceful change. We take in information through our senses, is a way of making sense of the world through how you see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. We process that information using the same senses and build our individual, constantly updated model of the world which in turn informs our behavior. As we change our model, so we change the behavior. By exploring your views, beliefs and understanding the best way to facilitate change, we look at overcoming fears, unwanted patterns of behavior and thoughts by using a range of tools and techniques I can share with you.

How many sessions do I need?

This is completely individual depending on your requirements, we can structure the sessions so they can meet your individual needs. I recommend between 4-6 sessions minimum to enable the changes and maintaining the desired you.

Is it set in a formal way?

No, not at all! Being rural I have access to lots of private green space outdoors as well as a comfortable inside relaxed area and I am happy to tailor the sessions to your preference.

Can you fix me?

I would love to say a big YES but I am honest and I can’t do it for you. What I can do is help you help yourself with understanding and compassion I can share the tools and techniques you learn, working with me.

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