What is it like working with me?

6th January 2019

One of the most significant comments my clients make is that they do not feel judged and really feel they can say and be themselves without upsetting anyone or the fear of saying the wrong thing. The thing is I am impartial my only concern I have is, are being the person you want to be. I facilitate you and your thoughts, feeling and behaviours. You know yourself better than anyone. I aid this transition and help remove the blocks so you can live the life you truly deserve and get results you want.

Having a whole session just about you can be liberating especially when you take your hat off from other responsibilities you have. We can really look at the bigger picture, by making sense of all the internal chatter, by unravelling all that spaghetti out of your mind and start to formulate plans and strategies that you can take action on to make an immediate difference in living the life you want.

The other thing my clients notice is they are implementing the changes, taking the actions and the next steps as they are accountable to me and our weekly sessions. It really helps them focus, and we celebrate their wins. We look the learning’s from the week and discuss any resistance that may have popped up. I help them get back on track with their goals and growth.

Did you know you are influenced the most by the five people you spend most of your time with; this is why your environment is a significant key to your personal development. One of the reasons my clients work with me is, not only have I got the qualifications I have also been standing in their shoes and have come through the other side and I can whole heartily tell you the journey is worth it. My clients tell me I am warm, nurturing; compassionate and encouraging this helps them to be understood, to learn to have a better relationship with themselves. They are then able to develop healthier coping mechanisms and they start to achieve the things that they did not think was possible before they started to work with me.

Throughout our time working together I am here to support you, not only in our sessions but over emails in between. I have a large toolbox and various techniques to share so I can enable you to use what works for you, as an individual. We take it at your speed making sure we get rock solid foundations to build on. To help you become resilient with the rollercoaster of life, I wish I could say life will all be plain sailing but as we all know it is not all the time but I can equip you with the skills to roll with ups and downs.

I would not expect you to invest in me if I had not spent time and money in myself and I am continuing to do so this year I am very excited about doing two more courses. I also have a coach as I have found when you go up a level you can sometimes uncover another devil, overcoming this makes me stronger, more knowledgeable person and it shows up in my Coaching Practice. I do not fell you get to a level in personal development and say it is all done with a big tick and say I am now the Dalai Lama!

One of my values is to grow, and I am passionate about learning as much as I can, this all gets added to my toolkit so I can be the best version of myself personally and within my coaching for my clients.

I am honest and transparent I have nothing to hide in my journey. I share my struggles and how I have overcome them I used to believe this was a weakness and now I genuinely find it is empowering to identify this need and to take action to get, the help and support from a professional you trust.

Have a read of what my clients have said.

Dear Polly.

I would like to thank you for your patience, listening and understanding over the past few weeks.

Whilst you clearly have many techniques and helpful ideas up your sleeve, I used our time together just to talk. Talk about how I felt, talked about what troubles me, talked through things that have bugged me for years. You didn’t interrupt, you didn’t try to impose your training on to me, you sat and you listened. Then you slowly guided me to find the solutions. I made some real discoveries in my time with you. You didn’t tell me them, you lead me to them. Things that were cast iron in my psyche and were my ultimate goals, In fact, were part of the problem. I would say to anyone thinking of using your services, expect an hour to yourself where you get to talk about yourself and spend an hour that is non-judgmental and that is devoted to you. Now how often does that happen?


Polly is a warm and inspirational woman who is greatly assisting me on my path of self-development. My sessions with Polly provide a safe space for me to express my negative feelings and thoughts, vent and then create a plan to move forward. Polly provides lots of techniques and ongoing support to ensure that moving forward in life is a realistic reachable possibility. I have regular sessions with Polly as I believe that with her support I will become the truer happier version of myself I wish to be.

I am passionate about helping others, help themselves. I absolutely love it when I get a testimonial, not for me but to see the true reflection and impact of the transformation my clients have made following our time together.

If you are interested in working with me, then I would love to hear from you. We can book in a 20 Minute clarity call to discuss how things are for you and how we could work together, to help you achieve how you would like it to be, making sure we are a good fit.

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