Navigating uncertain times

1st April 2020

How are you doing?

Have you been experiencing every emotion under the sun? Who else feels like March is a bit like being stuck in a game of Jumanji?

Not only are we in an unprecedented pandemic you have working from home, juggling childcare and all other responsibilities plates to spin . Or maybe you are one of the incredible key workers who are finally getting the credit you deserve.

I’d like to invite you to take a breath and see yourself through my eyes, you are resourceful and doing your best. It is ok not to be ok you don’t have to be brave all the time.

Let your emotions out in a safe space, move your body, journal, have a good cry, scream or hit a pillow.

This will pass things will be different and I wanted to share with you that you have a choice on what you focus on. It takes a bit of mental elbow grease.

Let’s start with focus, what you focus on grows and you have a choice it is about training your brain.

Actively start to seek out the positives; yes there are many as there is always someone worse off than you.

~Look at the survival rate, I shared a post yesterday that stated 79884had recovered that had been reported, so there are many more.

~ Look for acts of kindness. My son had an accident so we had to go to hospital the nurses had a changeover and the ones who were leaving were armed with daffodils and veg boxes. Kindness also continues with you. You might not be able to go out however lots is happening online and it is good to talk, maybe check in with someone as you will get a dose of free feel good chemical, so will they!

~Limit your time following the media it is there job to sell publications and advertising from click bait. Bad news sells have you ever wondered why? We are draw to it as it is part of our survival mechanism. We need to establish is this an immediate threat to us? We know the virus is, actually every single person on this planet is being affected in one way or another. It is a level playing field and we are all in this boat together!

~It is a marathon not a sprint and I am hopeful for humanity to be positively impacted as a result of this pandemic as communities are coming together. What small part can you play? What behaviours are you demonstrating to those who are watching you and modelling their behaviour on what you do? These ripples go far and wide.

~Develop your attitude for gratitude. I had run out of butter we are currently in self isolation as my Husband had been in touch with someone who had tested positive Cronoavirus. I could not pop to the shop I needed to make a birthday cake for my son the next day. I tell you once I had that butter in my hand the pure amount of gratitude I had could have melted it. How much have you been taking for granted? What are you currently grateful for?

 ~Anxiety is massive issue I have been running free training in my Empowering tribe to enable others to understand it. They key point I would like to share is its ok and your brain is trying to help in the way it know best for when you are in that flight, freeze and fight mode, however  this is not sustainable. Understanding how your brain is working. Maybe you are turning to ways to numb it out perhaps food or Alcohol again this is like putting a plaster in a deeply infected wound, it will rear its ugly head again. I truly wish I can wave a magic wand and take away your discomfort however there is no short term answer it takes mental elbow grease, a calling yourself out and looking a doing things in a different way to get different results. I can show you how. Reach out to me.

~ Accepting you cannot control what is going on externally and you can only control what is going on internally for you. Connecting with your breath and remaining present are key factors in this process. It takes practice, like all new skills and constancy to build up the new healthy coping mechanism.  How do you get being present? It is something batted around lots. By allowing yourself to be in this moment right here right now, knowing this is all you can control will give you comfort and reassurance that you have got your back. Check out Headspace or the Kalm app these are mediations you can give try. Mediation helps create a buffer in your mind and gain awareness on which thoughts to engage with. As you are not your thoughts, they do not define you. Only you can define who you are and the amazing thing is you can evolve in to your true version embracing all that makes you unique this is where your zone of genius lies and why I love coaching so much as it is my job to facilitate you now and your true version joining force to become your super power!   With the gift of time there has never been a better time than now! I am very excited about your future.




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