About Me
After discovering the powers of coaching it enabled me to look forward and to get to know myself, all of me. I was able to make peace with the past, and it helped me develop a healthy coping mechanism to cope in life, learning I was enough and how to have a better relationship with myself. I was hooked and fascinated, and I wanted to be able to share with others how they can become their best selves and to show people there is another way to evolve, grow energised and be empowered. My company Rural Connections was born. I am an Empowerment Coach, and in my practice, I incorporate NLP, (Neuro Linguistics Programming simple terms the language of the mind) Also mBIT which is Multi Brain Integration Facilitating We work on activating and aligning your three brains your head; heart and gut. Enabling you to become mindful of your gut, for maximum immunity and happiness levels, and your heart for matters of the heart and the brain which often is like an overpowering drama queen! This will enable you to step into your positive mindset with emotional intelligence. I believe you need to work with the body and mind to get a lasting result. I work from home in a purpose-built cabin on my farm, set in a secluded rural area, with plenty of outdoor space and all over the world via the internet, so location is not an issue. Depending on the individual client's needs we work on rewiring your mind and beliefs and work on you implementing the lasting changes you want. I share tools and techniques you can use in life to stay the version of you that you want, even in the ups and downs of life, by changing your perception to gain resilience you will feel you are in control of all of you. I love the transformation from when people first come to me and throughout the session visibly seeing them grow in confidence and become the version of themselves they want to be. I love sharing the wins and being on hand for the challenging times because let’s face it, life's ups and downs are still going to happen, this is the real test of my sharing and how they have embodied it.
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